Commonly asked questions relating to the service and billing

Can I trial the service?

Absolutely, the first upload service you create comes with 1000 free upload credits. If you would like a bigger trial, contact us at [email protected] and we can credit you more uploads.

What are upload credits?

Upload credits are used to upload files. One credit = one file. Credits are purchased using the "Buy Uploads" button on your service dashboard. Credits never expire, so you can buy in bulk to save. If you want to transfer credits between different upload services, contact us at [email protected]

One credit is consumed for every file upload request sent to our server. If an upload task fails to upload due to a network error, a credit will still be consumed.

How are files uploaded?

Files are uploaded in a two stage process. When you first start an upload task, our client library will contact our servers and authenticate using your API key and provider ID. If successful, our server will generate a unique URL that your client can use to upload files directly from the browser to your storage provider without passing through our server. When the client receives this URL, it will commence the file upload process. Upload credits are consumed when the first request with our server is complete. If an upload fails on the actual file upload request, a credit will still be consumed.