Account Setup

An in-depth tutorial for setting up your upload service account

Create an account

Visit our registration page and create an account if you haven't already

Create an upload service

An upload service consists of related API keys and storage providers. Ideally you should create a separate service for each project. From the main dashboard, select the "File Upload" service or visit this page. This is your upload services, dashboard.

File upload services dashboard

Press the "Create Upload Service" button. On the next page, enter a name for you upload service and create it. You will be taken back to the upload services dashboard. Click on your newly created service to visit the specific dashboard for it.

Dashboard for specific upload service

Create an API key for your service

Before you can upload any files, you need to create an API key for this service. Press the blue "Create API Key" button in your upload service dashboard. On the next page give your key a name and create it.

You can copy your newly created key by clicking on the API key itself.

Create a storage provider

A storage provider is a destination where files can be uploaded to. Currently we only support Amazon S3 and Digitalocean spaces. Each service can have multiple providers. This way you can easily upload files to a number of destinations.

To create a provider, press the blue "Create Provider" button in your service dashboard. There are 2 groups of settings available to configure. First is the behaviour of the storage provider. Second is the actual authentication details required to connect to your storage provider. See our documentation on getting your provider access keys for information on how to get your AWS and Digitalocean keys.

Whenever you create and edit a storage provider, our system will automatically configure any required CORS settings to upload files from your specific domains. This is done deterministically, so if you already have the necessary CORS settings configured, nothing extra will be done. If you delete a storage provider, any CORS configurations will remain by the chance you are relying on the same rules elsewhere. As such you will need to manually remove any unneeded CORS rules after deleting a provider.

You can copy your storage provider ID by clicking on the ID itself.

Testing a storage provider

For easy testing, you can press the little cloud upload icon on the right side of a created storage provider. This will take you to the provider testing page where you can upload files.

Any files uploaded here will consume upload credits.

What's next?

Now that you have setup your account, you are ready to start uploading files via our JS library. You can continue along the quickstart tutorial and the code examples.